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The 13th chilling and adrenaline-packed Robert Hunter thriller and Top Ten Sunday Times Bestseller.

ÔÇśGruesome but utterly riveting ÔÇô and all the more so for being at least partly trueÔÇÖ Geoffrey Wansell, Daily Mail

‘Dark, chilling and full of clever little plot kinks designed to send the reader off on a wild goose chase ÔÇô and succeeding.ÔÇÖ Crime Fiction Lover

ÔÇśPrepare to be terrifiedÔÇÖ Crime Monthly

When a routine autopsy on what looked like a straightforward hit-and-run leads the LA Chief Medical Examiner, Dr Carolyn Hove, to discover some puzzling inconsistencies, she calls in Detective Robert Hunter of the LAPD Ultra Violent Crimes Unit. Not only did Dr Hove discover that the death wasnÔÇÖt caused by a hit-and-run, but she also found indications that the victim had been severely tortured prior to death.

What no one realises is that what Dr Hove has stumbled upon is just the tip of the iceberg and it will lead Hunter and his partner, Carlos Garcia, on the trail of a twisted and clever killer who hides in plain sight. A serial killer no one even knew existed ÔÇô a killer who has always operated under the radar, expertly disguising every gruesome murder as an accidental death.

But with no leads as to why the victim was targeted, the investigation comes to a standstill, until another body is discovered with an alternative cause of death.

What becomes clear is that this serial killer isnÔÇÖt going to stop ÔÇô unless Hunter and Garcia can get to him.

But how do you investigate a murder when you have no victims? How do you catch a killer who leaves behind no crime scene? How do you stop a ghost who no one can prove even exists?


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